Website Optimization

For every web site that needs optimization a different technique is required due to unique factors like number of competitors, optimal key phrases, target audience, type of market, etc. However, there are some common steps that can be taken as part of most web site optimization and promotion projects.

Content Optimization

We optimize all page content to include accurate keyword density, text and images. The number of pages that we optimize is determined by your service level. Our clients must provide us with a minimum of 150-200 words of unique content per page optimized.

If you require additional created content, depmedia can create this for an additional charge based on the amount of content needed.

HTML Code Optimization

We will optimize your source pages as necessary based on the service package of your choosing.

This includes creation (when needed) of META tags including your Title Tags, Description Tags, Keyword Tags, ALT tags and Header Tags. These tags will be optimized specifically for each page's individual needs.

Writing descriptive, keyword-rich anchor text (or hyperlinks text) can be very beneficial in helping the search engines value your site as a whole rather than each page separately - as well helping the ranking of the linked pages.

We will optimize other tags where needed and clean up any code deemed to be messy or irrelevant.

This can all be done by giving us FTP access. Otherwise we can submit a list ofchanges for your webmaster to implement and move on with the process after that has been completed.

Site Map Creation

Included in all packages is sitemap creation. We will create and submit a Google sitemap on your behalf. This is an XML sitemap that is dynamic, meaning that it changes as your site changes and Google will know about it. Based on your package level additional sitemaps may be included.

Robots.txt Creation

The robots.txt file is found on your root and it essentially gives directions to the spiders that crawl and index your site. It tells them where to go and how often to come back. If your site changes on a daily basis, you'll want to see them more often than if youonly add content once a month.

Site Navigation Optimization

Any broken internal links discovered during the "Site Quality Assessment" will be fixed. Where the internal link structure is determined to be weak, up grades will be made to ensure your visitors and the spiders can navigate your site with ease.

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