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Search Engine Submissions

We will submit your site the most popular and most relevant search engines. The number of submissions is determined by the level of service you have chosen. There are a number of search engines that also offer a paid inclusion service where websites are listed within 48 hours and are spidered regularly. We will make our clients aware of this option when available and will only bill for the submission fee (no extra) if they choose this option. We also have a data base of foreign language search engines. Where our clients require or request we would be more than happy to submit to those relevant search engines.

» $25 for 30 submissions

Article Submissions


Article submissions are a great way to gain incoming
links to your website.
» Your name and your website become more visible to
the millions of people online
» Well-written articles can establish you as an authority
on a particular subject. You're branding yourself and
your company.
» It can increase your potential as an author/business
person and open new and exciting doors for you as
a professional.

As mentioned above, article submissions can improve the visibility of your website and bolster the number of incoming links leading to your site. This is a fast, effective way to turn an unknown web page into a superstar.

Dep Media SEO will work with you by helping to submit your articles to dozens of websites and article banks. These sites then spread the article until it is on hundreds of web pages throughout the Internet.

Our price for submitting one article to a variety of sites is $150. We guarantee at least 25 incoming links to your site within two months. If you don't have that many, we will continue submitting your article until you do.

We understand you might not have the time to do all the writing yourself. We can have one of our people work with you to create an article. Your expertise along with our professional copywriting will work hand in hand to create the article you want to see broadcast. When the article is completed, you can put it up on your site and we will also submit it to search engines and directories throughout the Internet. The price for this service is $450.

Press Releases

This service runs along the same lines as the Article Submission Service. We will write professional, relevant releases based on something you or your company has done/is doing. We will submit to various news services along with industry specific trade journals, etc. in order to find the most relevant audience. This may also include submissions to industry related blogs.

» $395 for 1
» $695 for 2
» $1195 for 4

Directory Submissions

An incoming directory link is a valuable part of your link building strategy helping to increse link popularity. Directory links are coveted by website owners for a variety of reasons.

We create professional copy for directory descriptions and submit them to the majorInternet directories, including international, local and industry-specific directories, as well as the Open Directory Project.

Dep Media SEO will research the correct category to ensure your site is submitted to the most appropriate category and then we will submit by hand to any number of directories you wish. A fee of $10 per directory submission is charged in addition to any individual directory fees*.

» $10 per hand submission + any directory fee*

*Does not include Yahoo! Business Directory submission.
Note that we never use automated software for this stage.
All directory submissions are done individually by hand.

Reciprocal Link Management

Reciprocal links are links that are traded one for one between two websites. This service can be chosen a la carte or is available as part of a package. We would create a few new pages and manage them with FTP access. Based on your service plan we will add relevant links from non-competitors to your website. This increases your exposure as well as your link popularity. There will be an initial set-up fee and monthly maintenance (3 month min) thereafter.

» Set-up: $150
» Maintenance: $35/month with 10 relevant links added.
» Additional links for $2.50ea.

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