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Business Website Optimization Package

Our (SEO) search engine optimization specialists designed the business website optimization package with midsized websites in mind. Either brand new or well established. The research and analysis is more detailed than out Standard package as we focus on more themes within client's websites as well as looking outward towards the competition.

We do a thorough examination of the website's code and content based on what the client lists as the website's primary objectives in each area and together with the client determine the proper keywords to focus on. We research the competition as given to us by the client and then do our own analysis to determine the actual online competition.

Once we establish the real competition, we begin implementing search engine optimization (SEO) and promotion techniques that give our clients a chance to place with and above them for their specific keywords. We establish a web presence, increase link popularity and then build on it. Positions are cultivated and grown through regular monthly maintenance and the ongoing evolution of client's websites.

The Dep Media SEO Toronto business website optimization package is completely adjustable to be as specific as possible to our client's needs. Please note that the maintenance packages are not tied to the optimization packages and can be mixed and matched to best serve the client's needs. One of the most important parts of website optimization is the analysis. It is crucial to know if what you're doing is working. As the Internet is ever-changing, continued analysis will help to keep or to get a website where it needs to be.

This is an organic process. A website is like a plant. It begins as a seed and slowly grows as it establishes itself. Sometimes it takes awhile to take root, but with proper care it will grow. Continued care will get it through the ever-changing seasons and it will eventually blossom and bear fruit. Dep Media SEO Toronto search engine optimization specialists are here to help make it happen.

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